Mouth Kim Kardashian saw the piranha teeth


Kim Kardashianfree: @ @ kimkardashian / Instagram

TV star and contestant of reality show “the Family Kardashian” Kim Kardashian posted on his Instagram account a photo in a robe, a turban out of a towel and a large gilt earrings in the form of bananas.

The Kardashian half-smile and the angle of incidence of light created the illusion that her mouth is full of small sharp teeth. Having said that, the users compared the star with a piranha. “Those little piranha teeth I do not like. Looks very strange,” commented user sandra_cabaco.

In addition, some visitors account said that the outfit makes you look older Kardashian. “What old woman?”— wrote a user nottonightdudde.

However, there were also those who pointed out interesting details of the image of TV stars. So, nicholas_savington wrote that Kim Kardashian looks “cool in these earrings are from Prada.” Photos in a Bathrobe and a turban in Instagram gathered more than 1.8 million likes.

Earlier in February, Kim Kardashian posted on his Instagram a picture in which she poses against the background of tanks for debris with logos of Louis Vuitton. The photograph of the woman dressed in brown stuff with logos of Italian fashion house Fendi: top, coat and tights (without a skirt and shoes). The photo collected more than 2.6 million likes and brought rave reviews from users. A Russian-speaking user vityakhachatryan called Kardashian “the pride of the nation”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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