Naive child “predicted” the death of a soldier in the Valentine


Photo: Ge_Sto / Reddit

The network is gaining popularity unusual Valentine greeting, which the child named Donovan sent the American soldier. The picture was published on imigrate Reddit. For a few hours, the post gathered more than 30 thousand approvals.

“Dear soldier. My name is Donovan. I want to give you a Valentine greeting, because you will likely never see his family again. So I want you to know I care,” wrote the boy in the postcard.

Portal users have laughed at the naivete and the “bloodlust” of the child who left is not the most tactful message to the soldier. “Donovan had good intentions. Donovan screwed up,” jokes a visitor to Reddit. One commentator has ironically promised that this inscription is carved on the tombstone of the boy.

Earlier in February, users of imageboard experimented with picture of fighting cats. With the help of photoshop they put the characters in locations from legendary films and dressed them in medical robes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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