Next to Russia found the mysterious source of radioactive contamination


Photo: Tatiana Lukyanov / RIA Novosti

Aerosol particle containing uranium-235 and detected in the atmosphere over the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), arose because of radiation leakage in Asia. Write about the scientists of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration in an article published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. Briefly about the study, says Gizmodo.

Uranium-235 is a radioactive isotope used as nuclear fuel or in nuclear weapons. Scientists have never found this nuclide in atmospheric aerosols, therefore, they deny the possibility of the origin of the particles from a natural source.

Researchers believe that the leak occurred in violation of the conditions of storage of enriched uranium when a radionuclide has risen in the atmosphere. Data of wind direction indicate such Asian countries as China and North Korea. Since the leak occurred recently (found her in 2016), this excludes the crash of 2011 on the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” as a possible source.

According to the researchers, enriched with uranium-235, not a particle of danger. The source of radionuclides is small and likely not a threat.

In September 2017 in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France recorded an increase in the levels of the isotope ruthenium-106 in the atmosphere. The Federal office for radiation protection, Germany noted that it does not threaten human health. The source of infection called the release of the radionuclide in the Chelyabinsk region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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