Pensioner gave her husband kidney for Valentine’s Day


Maureen Santamaria and David Santamariae: Erin Santamaria

The Aussie had received from his wife a kidney as a gift for Valentine’s day. Reported by ABC News.

In 2005, David Santamaría (David Santamaria) was diagnosed with a rare disease — IgA-nephritis. In March last year, doctors warned a man that his renal failure has progressed to the point at which required either kidney transplantation or dialysis.

Volunteered to help his wife Maureen (Maureen) who has lived with him for 40 years. After the tests, which took nine months, the operation was approved. On Tuesday, February 13, she removed one kidney and 20 minutes later transplanted to David.

The Australian admitted to journalists that difficult with the choice of a reciprocal gift. He hoped, after recovery, to go with the wife abroad. “She always wanted to see the Canadian Rockies. Now it is,” said the man.

In 2017, it was reported that the Italian donated a kidney sweetheart on the eve of March 8.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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