The Dutchman won the Olympics and enjoyed the absence of her opponent from Russia


Child, Nycfoto: Phil Noble / Reuters

Dutch speed skater Kjeld Naas, who became Olympic champion and Pyeongchang in the 1,500 meters, said that misses removed from the Game to the opponent from Russia Denis Uskova. The words of the Dutchman leads “R-Sport”.

“Last year we had face-to-face fight, and then had a good race. Today it was also a good race. Do I miss him? No,” said Naas.

Earlier on 13 February, the Dutch excelled in the 1,500 m, having shown time 1 minute 44,01 seconds. The silver medal was won by another Dutchman Patrick rust (plus 0.85 seconds), and the bronze was won by South Korea’s Kim Min Seok (plus 0,92 seconds).

On a test world Cup in 2017, held in the South Korean Gangneung, Naas became the champion, and yuskov took second place. Russian — world record holder at this distance. In his absence, Naas won the first Olympic gold in his career.

Before the Olympics the 2018 yuskov was among the Russian athletes who have not received an invitation to Play. The international Olympic Committee left them out of the Game without explanation.

The Olympics is in Pyeongchang from 9 to 25 February.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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