The kidnappers detained the cerebrospinal fluid of Pakistani


Photo: James Heilman / MD / Wikimedia

In Pakistan, police arrested four people accused of stealing cerebrospinal fluid from local residents. About it reports BBC News.

A group of three men and one woman worked in the area of the city Hafizabad. The attackers presented themselves as representatives of the local hospital and persuaded the victims to donate blood. In exchange, they allegedly could obtain financial assistance for their dowry from the government of Punjab province.

However, instead of blood test women performed a lumbar puncture and took their cerebrospinal fluid. Then she tried to sell on the black market.

Scammers managed to carry out the procedure at least 12 local residents, including minors. For this they were brought home to one of the criminals. The scheme became known when, after the puncture is not very good feeling 17-year-old girl. About the incident, her father told the police.

According to The Independent, the cerebrospinal fluid was able to sell traditional Islamic healers or homeopaths. In the first reports said that the attackers were stealing from women’s bone marrow. However, doctors denied this information.

Earlier in February, it was reported that in India, the man pretended to be a doctor and was infected with HIV, at least 21 people. He “treated” his patients for colds, coughs and diarrhea using dirty syringes and needles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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