“The largest hacker attack” did not bring the organizers of the penny


Photo: Christinne Muschi / Reuters

Organized February 11 a large-scale hacker attack using stealth miner had not brought her to the organizers of the income, according to Motherboard.

Hackers used the web miner Coinhive. As writes the edition, they managed to earn $ 24 in Monero. The representative Coinhive told the reporter Motherboard that the service will not pay the hackers money.

Motherboard previously wrote that the attack on February 11, has been subjected to over four thousand resources. Cyber safety specialist Scott Chelm, who noticed the hack, called it the largest in recent times he raised the British, American and canadian sites, including government resources.

Chelm believes that the hackers could make a real disaster, having access to an impressive number of web services simultaneously in several countries. However, instead of stealing confidential information, hackers “decided to mine crypto-currency and get the money for weekly travel in the subway,” writes Motherboard.

Earlier, analysts had already found a hidden program for mining on porn sites, as well as for advertising PREROLL on YouTube.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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