The message of aliens called deadly


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Astronomers from Germany and the United States declared that the alien message in the case that they are received, to be destroyed without explanation. Scientists believe that humanity is not capable of identifying dangerous computer viruses that may be hidden in the data and present danger to mankind. Preprint of a study published in the repository

It is believed that a message from extraterrestrial civilizations (ETI) can be obtained in the form of signals which will be caught by radio telescopes, or alien artifacts. Scientists believe that a message sent to the “brothers in mind”, with a fairly high probability to be malicious. Humanity should abandon the reading of the message, because you cannot be sure that the sender is not an evil, warlike civilization.

Researchers believe that there are several possible types of threat messages. Information such as “tomorrow we will turn your Sun into a supernova”, will cause panic, regardless of whether it’s true or not. In another case, it can be a large amount of text, which would have a demoralizing effect on the culture. In the example experts cite the hypothesis that the fall of the Roman Empire contributed to the Bible.

The article considers the most probable type of the hypothetical message, which is similar to the message Cosmic Call made by the radio telescope RT-70 near Evpatoria. It is a series of binary symbols which are deciphered in the form of a drawing. If the message is printed out on paper for further analysis, the harm is only the meaning of the message. However, when using the computer, a message that is too difficult to decrypt manually can be dangerous code that requires isolation digital devices.

Scientists believe that to decrypt the message unable to comply with all safety conditions. They offer a scenario according to which humanity had received a friendly message that includes the “galactic library in the form of artificial intelligence”. Even if the experiment will be conducted on the moon by using a standalone computer, and in case of threat of nuclear warheads are activated, the robot will probably start to manipulate people, promising them rewards for his escape. In addition, the library can teach people to create complex technology, not warning them about the side effects.

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