The old American gave his wife the same gift 39 times in a row



Americans already 39 years old gives to his beloved one and the same box of chocolates, but not only for reasons of economy. The story of a family tradition, he told channel News 8 WTNH.

Ron and Donna Kramer of Albuquerque in the state of new Mexico met in 1979: the man worked as an insurance agent and knocked at the beloved’s door to offer his services. They soon began Dating, and on the first Valentine’s Day, Ron gave the girl her favorite candy, dark chocolate with a creamy filling.

In the store the man said that if he spares box, next year it will again fill with candy, and he doesn’t have to pay for packaging. And so he did for the next 38 years.

In 2014, Donna was diagnosed with dementia, and in August 2015 the woman had to be sent to a nursing home because she couldn’t do anything on their own. “The day we separated that was the saddest in my life,” said Kramer.

He realizes that his wife can forget it on any given day, so trying to spend as much time as possible and follow all the family traditions. Donna appreciates the efforts of her husband, admits she loved him all so much and calls “Keeper”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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