The US attacked the Russian mercenaries strategic bombers


Photo: Jockel Finck / AP

In the composition of the aviation group that attacked loyal to the Syrian government forces on 7 February in the province of Deir ez-Zor, was a strategic B-52 bombers. About it in the press briefing said the head of Central command, United States air force Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigan, reported on the website of the Pentagon.

According to him, the attack on the position of the Union the Americans, “the Democratic forces of Syria” (DSS) staged some hostile power (any details about them it is not revealed), and the actions of aircraft and drones of the coalition was self-defense. “On earth our air controllers for more than three hours adjusted air strikes and artillery,” said Harrigan, adding that the operation involved fighter-bombers, F-15E, strike UAV MQ-9 Reaper aircraft fire support AC-130, Apache helicopters and B-52 bombers.

“When hostile forces turned West and retreated, we stopped the fire,” said the commander, noting that the Russian side warned about building in this area of groupings of certain forces and the presence of a contingent of a coalition with the DSS units.

According to various estimates, the attack killed or injured dozens of fighters of the Syrian militia loyal to the authorities of the Republic; according to “Kommersant”, they wanted to capture Kurdish-controlled oil and gas fields. There is also evidence that the impact area were Russian mercenaries, however, neither the defense Ministry nor the Kremlin has not confirmed this information, citing the lack of such information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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