Tim cook wished the money death


Tim Comfoto: Liu Dawei / Globallookpress.com

The head of the American Corporation Apple Tim cook wished the money of death, at a meeting with investors, he expressed the hope that the cash will go into the past, and will have electronic payments. It is reported portal Cult of Mac.

“I hope I’m still alive when you see the disappearance of the money,” cook said to the participants of the meeting of shareholders, promoting Apple Pay in conjunction with the Wallet app. Apple CEO promises that soon people will not have to carry cash and even plastic cards in smartphone.

As an example of successful integration of services, cook has led Russia and China, where in 2017 the proliferation of contactless payments has developed very quickly. While cook acknowledges that around the world the spread of new technologies is rather slow, it is expected a more rapid pace.

The system of contactless payments Pay Apple was launched in Russia in October 2016, on the basis of Bank savings card from MasterCard. Later in Russia earned a system similar to Samsung’s.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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