The Chinese were forced to pay for travel on the Elevator


Photo: Andy Wong / AP

In the capital of China — Beijing began to charge for use of the Elevator in certain homes. About it reports BBC News.

Pay the first elevators installed in older buildings in the South of the city, where previously there were only stairs. When you pay use the same technology as in public transport. To get to the Elevator, it is necessary to bring to readers an e-ticket which will be charged 0.2 yuan (1.8 dollars).

Some residents welcome the innovation. According to 60-year-old Yang guishan, after the pay a lift she didn’t have to walk the stairs with heavy bags. “So much easier”, — quotes its Beijing News.

In social networks users reacted to the news with skepticism. “0.2 yuan — not so much money, but there is no doubt that I will eventually have to walk the stairs,” complained one critic.

According to the edition Beijing News, on average, tenants will pay for lifts of about 100 yuan per month (890 rubles).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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