The British Navy was criticized for failing to escort the Russian ships


Photo: Anton Vaganov/ Reuters

The British Navy was criticized due to the fact that the Russian ships travelling across the channel, accompanied by a patrol ship, not a guard frigate. About it reports The Telegraph.

The interviewed experts suggested that the lack of British Navy frigate escorts Russian ships calls into question the ability of the Navy to respond to potential threats. They suggested that this is due to reduced costs.

Scottish politician Luke Skipper recalled that several years ago the Royal Navy announced that the patrol ships are not suitable for these tasks. “Question — what has changed since then,” he said.

In their defense, representatives of the defense Ministry of the country said that the Navy has a frigate, which is used if necessary. “We always use suitable vessels to perform the tasks,” — said the representative of the press service of the Ministry.

The Russian convoy, referred to, consisted of a large landing ship “Alexander Otrakovsky”, the vessel “Fedor Golovin” and the tanker “Yelnya”. Their support UK sent a patrol ship HMS Mersey and a helicopter Wildcat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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