In Russia came up with a clever way to punish the debtor for alimony


Photo: Alexander Podkorchuk / “Kommersant”

The Federation Council approved a law allowing for the recognition of debtors alimony to be missing: the children of these defaulters will be able to receive a pension for loss of breadwinner, and the debtors will lose their residence permit, reports RIA Novosti.

The relevant amendments made to the Civil procedure code and the law “On enforcement proceedings”.

According to the document, the bailiffs will have to inform creditors of debt on child support about the unsuccessful search for debtors, and also to explain to the claimants the right to appeal to the court. This will be possible in case the search proved fruitless and within one year from the date of the latest information about the debtor it will not install.

A person is recognized by court as missing will allow his children and other disabled dependents to receive monthly pension in case of loss of breadwinner. The assets of such person may be transferred to the trust management, and the defaulter is removed from registration in a residential area the owner of the premises. In addition, a marriage with such a man may be dissolved in a simplified manner.

At the end of last year it became known that the Russian debts on payment of the alimony on the maintenance of minor children exceeded 100 billion rubles.

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