Krasnoyarsk teenager rescued family from fire



In Krasnoyarsk region 15-year-old resident of the village Terter Mansky district Vadim Lipatnikov saved his entire family during a fire, the newspaper “Our Krasnoyarsk territory”.

“When I was told where we have left the calculation, let’s just say we were prepared for the worst. I knew there was a large family, have a child with a disability. Only thanks to the skillful actions of the student of the tragedy did not happen”, — said the head of the district fire brigade Svyatoslav of Koromyslov.

In gratitude to Vadim received from the lifeguards watch.

The fire occurred on the night of 5 Feb. The teenager spotted him first, broke the window and helped to get out of his mother, two sisters and niece. Then carried on the hands through the fire elder sister of a disabled child.

Earlier in January it was reported the student from Severomorsk, which was awarded for saving drowning in the lake of women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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