Poroshenko first told about the vacation in the Maldives


Peter Poroshenko: 112 Ukraine / YouTube

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for the first time commented on your holiday in the Maldives. The details of his vacation, the Ukrainian leader revealed at a press conference in Kiev. The stream leads the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, the video is available on YouTube.

“I want to very firmly state: the border, I crossed your name on your passport, with appropriate registration at the border. (…) I paid for the plane and hotel from my Bank account in the Ukrainian Bank, and filed a Declaration that should appear in the next three and a half weeks, you will be able to see this. It was not spent a penny from the Ukrainian budget, all funds were declared, they were paid all the taxes. Immediately after the return’s press service informed the public,” said Poroshenko.

He added that no one passed the presidential duties during the holidays: “According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the President has no right anybody to transfer their responsibilities, so 24 hours a day for nearly four years, I am on call, serve as President and Supreme commander. And in early January I of these duties, no one passed.”

Information about Christmas vacation Poroshenko in the Maldives appeared in the Jan. The head of state and its accompanying nine people (seven adults and two children) vacationing in the Islands with 1 on 8 January, claimed the journalists of “Radio Liberty” and “NTU”. According to them, the flights cost 188 thousand dollars, and all the rest had spent at least half a million dollars. Ukrainian President allegedly rented the most expensive Villa the Owner’s Villa resort (Private Island) under the name Mr. Petro Incognito (Ukraine). In the presidential administration stated that Poroshenko had paid for the trip from his own account declared assets.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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