The American has stayed in prison and forget his crime


Photo: Alabama Department of Corrections / AP

Sentenced to death American can avoid punishment because of dementia. This was reported by the news Agency Associated Press.

The U.S. Supreme court has agreed to hold hearings in the case of 67-year-old Vernon Madison (Madison Vernon), shot dead a policeman in 1985. In January, he postponed the death penalty for 30 minutes prior to its implementation. Now the court must decide is whether the lawful punishment of a criminal, if he is not aware, for which he was killed.

According to the Supreme court of the United States, sentenced to death must have a “clear understanding” of what they executed. Criminal lawyers argue that their client is no such understanding, because he suffers from senile dementia. During the time spent in prison, Madison had two strokes, went blind and, according to a medical examination, can hardly walk and talk.

The prosecution insisted that the man was well aware that he is in prison for murder, even if you do not remember the details of the crime. The attorney General of Alabama noted that “puzzled” by the decision, as just a few months ago he canceled the appeal of lawyers of Madison.

Until the autumn of the hearing, the man remains exempt from execution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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