“The drug Lord from the Embassy” were accused of working for the secret services


Konstantin Loskutnikov: page Channel RTVD OstWest in Facebook

The alleged organizer of the channel of deliveries of cocaine from Argentina to Europe, Andrei Kovalchuk has never worked in a German company Golden Mile. This was told by its head Konstantin Loskutnikov. The words of a businessman published on his page in Facebook channel RTVD OstWest.

The entrepreneur said that the alleged drug Lord that some years ago introduced the employee of “Gazprom Germany”. “Introduced as a Colonel, head of special services who oversees or is involved in embassies and consulates in the territories of Europe, Asia, Latin America,” explained Loskutnikov.

Kovalchuk tried the company’s products, including cigars and brandy, and then “repeatedly appeared in the office with a request to give one sample to another,” said the businessman. The man said he travels a lot around the world and try to organize the sale, “but no deal, no contract signed and was not.”

February 27, the ex-Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in Argentina Leonardo Golovanov reported that Kovalchuk was the German company Bossner Cigars. This trademark is owned by Golden Mile.

Earlier, lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov told about the position of Kovalchuk. The man believes that drugs were planted in the Russian Embassy of the Argentine police, with the participation of U.S. intelligence.

In a joint operation of Russia and Argentina managed to stop the delivery to Moscow of nearly 400 kilos of cocaine. 12 suitcases with drugs in 2016 found in the Embassy school in Buenos Aires.

To date in Argentina taken into custody two accused of the case. On the territory of Russia arrested three people who they claim to be victims of provocation.

The name of the alleged organizer of the channel Kovalchuk issued an international warrant, a male suspect hiding in Germany. Media reported that he had for some time worked in the Russian diplomatic mission to Germany, but diplomats denied this version.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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