Missing the Dyatlov pass hikers found with broken legs


Pass Datafeedr: TV Center / YouTube

Mansi hunter found alive tourist Alexander Andreev, missing the Dyatlov pass in the North of Sverdlovsk region. It is reported portal Е1.RU with reference to the organizer of snowmobile expeditions in the Middle Ural Konstantin Kuznetsov.

According to Kuznetsov, Wednesday afternoon, February 28, lost from Ekaterinburg met some of Otorten representative of small indigenous people, the Mansi Oleg Sambangalou. He offered the man help, but he refused. “The tourist goes slowly on skis, his legs are erased. Sambangalou proposed to evacuate the skiers on his snowmobile, but he refused. So he has enough strength and spirit to complete the journey”, — said the interlocutor of the edition, adding that the tourist is behind schedule because of foot injuries and weather.

Coordinates men Kuznetsov gave the rescuers. Emergency workers immediately moved to the place.

On the eve it became known about the disappearance of the Andreev, who traveled around Otorten mountain peaks. On 27 February he had to alert rescuers of the completion of its single-player campaign, but this did not happen. In his search involved search and rescue teams, emergency workers on the Mi-8 helicopter and the hunters Muncie. According to URA.RU missing — the judge of Sverdlovsk regional court. During the campaign he was on vacation.

The pass received its name in memory of a tour group of students who died in the winter of 1959. The expedition was headed by Igor Dyatlov. The cause of death of nine travelers, which found frozen, naked and with a lot of injuries, still not installed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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