Discovered a water-filled giant planet


Photo: NASA

An international team of astronomers first described the atmosphere of extrasolar planets, using data Hubble space telescope. The chemical composition of WASP-39b, reminiscent of the size of Saturn, is very different from the planets of the Solar system. About it reported in a press release on

WASP-39b is removed from the Earth at a distance of 700 light years. It revolves around the sun-like star type and belongs to a class of hot Saturn — the gas giants small density and close to the native sun. In the atmosphere no clouds, allowing space Observatory to determine the absorption spectra in air shell exoplanets.

The researchers found traces of water vapor, whose amount was three times more than the Saturn. In addition, in the atmosphere, there were signs of heavy elements, indicating that the bombardment of the planets numerous comets. This is only possible if the original WASP-39b was more distant from the star than it is now. At the moment the exoplanet is located eight times closer to the sun than mercury is to the Sun.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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