Drunk American took a taxi to another state and lost a thousand dollars


Kenny Bechmarked: CBS / YouTube

The tipsy American accidentally called a taxi to another state. About the trip, costing more than fifteen thousand dollars, said local portal NJ.com.

Kenny Bachman (Kenny Bachman) stayed with friends in West Virginia and after the party called Uber home. However, he forgot that temporarily lives in another location and called his permanent address in the state of new Jersey. The distance between the States is about 500 kilometers.

“I woke up and wondered why I’m in the car with the man, whom he never saw?” — told Bachman. He is even more surprised when I saw the amount that appeared on the counter. For the trip he had to pay $ 1636 (92,6 thousand). This price is explained by the fact that he caused a big car that can accommodate up to six passengers, which doubled the amount.

The man did not leave the car when he realized that he was going to new Jersey, because he didn’t want to “stay on the side of the highway.” The driver had no money to pay road tolls, so each item of payment of his fines. When Bachman drove to new Jersey, he paid for all these receipts and gave the driver the money for the trip.

Bachman gave the driver five stars but said that did not call the driver his address, and he supposedly looked it up on his phone while the passenger slept. However, when Uber contacted the man, he dropped the charges and agreed to pay the amount.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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