The Kremlin urged to accept the existence of the “Sarmatian”


Dmitry Pascutto: Dmitry Azarov / Kommersant

Missile complex “Sarmat” with an Intercontinental ballistic missile is part of the Russian nuclear triad, not threatening anyone. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

In response to the question, will refuse whether Moscow is offering in exchange for the refusal of the US development of missile defences (NMD), he noted that the missile is already there and it tested successfully. “The threshold and the reasons for the use of nuclear weapons in our country is clearly spelled out in doctrine or attack, or attack with conventional weapons in a way that threatens the existence of the Russian Federation”, — said Peskov.

The official representative of the Kremlin said that Russia categorically denies any allegations of breach of contract on reduction of strategic nuclear weapons.

About the successful test of the “Sarmatian” March 1, announced President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly. During the President’s speech was first shown footage of a missile launch. The Russian leader noted that systems that can reflect the impact of the “Sarmatian” does not exist yet.

This complex has a suborbital trajectory of flight. This allows him to strike at the U.S. through the North and South pole to bypass all now deployed missile defense systems. Such a threat forces the United States to create a circular missile defense to replace the existing fragmented, which in turn requires significant funding.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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