The source said about the leak for US on the “Sarmat” 11 years before Putin’s message


Tests of the missile complex “Sarmat”Frame: Russian defense Ministry / YouTube

Especially for US in 2007 was made a leak in the missile complex “Sarmat”, about the trials which on March 1 address to the Federal Assembly announced the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. About it RIA Novosti said a military-diplomatic source.

“We told the establishment of Washington’s global missile defense system to nothing lead,” he reminded.

Official confirmation of this information.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on March 2 stated that “Sarmat” — one of the parts of the Russian nuclear triad, not threatening anyone. In response to the question, will refuse whether Moscow is offering in exchange for the refusal of the US development of missile defences (NMD), he noted that the missile is already there and it tested successfully.

Footage tests of missile complex were demonstrated on March 1, during the speech of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. The Russian leader noted that systems that can reflect the impact of the “Sarmatian” does not exist yet.

This complex has a suborbital trajectory of flight. This allows him to strike at the U.S. through the North and South pole to bypass all now deployed missile defense systems. Such a threat forces the United States to create a circular missile defense to replace the existing fragmented, which in turn requires significant funding.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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