The winner of the Stanley Cup called the departure from Russia a better decision in life


Patrick Elispot: AI Project / Reuters

The former striker of the national team of Czech club of the National hockey League (NHL) “new Jersey” Patrick Elias told about critical stages in my career. His words leads to “Sport-Express”.

“In 2005 I was very close to what my career will end, maybe it even went about my life. During the lockout I went to play with Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” and one day, terribly sick. I rented a private plane and flew to Czech Republic to find out what is going on with my body. A few days later the doctor announced that my liver is failing. I got hepatitis a from eating something bad while you were in Russia. The doctor told me that the last hope is to try steroid treatment. And if it doesn’t help, I will need a liver transplant,” said Elias.

According to the player, after recovery he could not believe that I will be able to return to the ice. However, his agent reported on the proposal from the “devils”. “I finished a career in the “new Jersey”. Everything is as it should be. That phone call was my second best decision in my life after I flew then from Russia”, — he said.

Elias is a two-time Stanley Cup winner in the “new Jersey” (2000, 2003), as well as the most productive player in team history. During the lockout in the 2004/05 season he played for Magnitogorsk “metallurg”. In 2006, the striker became the bronze medalist of the Olympic tournament in the Czech Republic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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