Found a way to prevent the death of brain


Photo: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Neurologists from the University hospital Charite in Berlin revealed the processes occurring in the human brain in the process of dying. It turned out that the “brain tsunami” — a wave of depolarization of nerve cells, uncontrolled spreading over the cerebral cortex and causes the death of neurons — can be blocked. This writes the online edition of Science Alert.

It is shown that animals within 20-40 seconds after the cessation of the oxygen supply the brain goes into power-saving mode, when the nerve tissue becomes inactive, and between neurons terminated the connection. After a few minutes begin to disappear ion gradients that form the membrane potential is necessary for the neurons in their functions.

The result is a depolarization propagating through the cell membrane in the form of waves. Usually this process is used for transmission of electrical signal, but in this case, leads to the release of toxic substances to neuronal death.

Scientists have observed the “brain tsunamis” in patients diagnosed with brain death. The researchers came to the conclusion that the wave of depolarization can be reversible without any damage to the neurons. In this case, you will be able to prevent the death of neurons until the moment the oxygen supply is restored or the cells will begin to die from the constant depolarization.

Neurologists hope that the discovery will allow to develop methods of treatment of patients who have a high risk of brain death due to cerebral ischemia or stroke.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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