River of feces froze to death on the streets of the Ural village


Photo: lentachel.ru

The city of Kopeysk in the Chelyabinsk region promised before the March holidays to clean the streets of the village Vakhrushevo, which was covered mnogoseriynom layer of feces. In parallel, in the village is pumping water from cesspools. About it Znak.com reported in Department on public relations of the city administration.

Earlier, local residents told the newspaper that due to the lack of a centralized wastewater system, the village has become frozen fecal lake. According to them, for a few months its depth is increased to 10-15 inches, and it threatens an environmental disaster.

Residents asked the officials to enter the emergency mode. They were worried that with the advent of spring the ice will melt, and feces flooded basements, wells, garden plots and playgrounds.

The village Vakhrushevo annexed to the City in 2004. During this time in the village built a centralized conduit for more than 30 million rubles, but it is not used due to the lack of centralized sewer. In the city of Kopeysk noted that due to the chosen way of management of their dwellings the tenants themselves must tackle the problem of their overcrowded cesspools.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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