The fashion house staged a “hot-line” directly on the display


Photo: WWD / REX

On March 4 in Paris, Balenciaga introduced a new collection. Front on clothing French brand has printed the phone number to his hot line on a yellow background, reports The Cut.

If you call the number, you can hear the greeting of the robot, and then a list of 20 questions with answers about personal preferences, for example, clothing size, favorite color and time of year.

There were also email addresses where models can send all questions they have and complaints.

In February 2018 shoes brand Crocs on a high platform, from the collection of Balenciaga x Crocs were sold under pre-order. Sandals of synthetic material with colorful badges-clips released by the French fashion house Balenciaga and its creative Director Demnos Gvasalia in collaboration with Crocs and shown on the catwalk spring of 2018, has caused a stir among the fans of the brand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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