The Taliban decided to renounce war and to work


Photo: Allauddin Khan / AP

A detachment of 70 soldiers of the Afghan movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) has declared its readiness to join the peace process on condition of obtaining work in the pipeline that will run from Turkmenistan to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan (TAPI). The Taliban have already held talks on this issue with the authorities in Herat province, reports TOLO News.

“An armed group fighting with government forces, expressed its willingness to make peace with the authorities if they will allow to ensure the security of the TAPI pipeline”, — said Chairman of the provincial Council Kamran Alizai (Kamran Alizai). The authorities expressed their willingness to accept the conditions of the militants and provide them with jobs if they join the peace process. However, what kind of work will offer to perform the militants is not specified.

The publication reports that the previous squad of 10 fighters will lay down their arms in exchange for work on the TAPI project.

The publication the Diplomat cited the words of experts about the likely concerns of the Afghan authorities that the Taliban will not sit idly by, while, as a government security service will be in controlled areas, which will host the laying of the pipeline.

TAPI — the gas pipeline length of about two thousand kilometers. In February 2017 edition of the Diplomat also wrote that despite reports about the beginning of construction of the Afghan segment of the pipeline, evidence that it already is, no.

The Taliban appeared in 1994 in the midst of the Afghan war. In 1996-2001 the Taliban were in power in the country, and after the overthrow in 2001, began to conduct a guerrilla war with government troops and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In 2016, the Taliban have offered their services to security state infrastructure projects such as new system of power lines CASA-1000 and TAPI. Some experts believe that the Taliban is interested in making a profit from the control over certain areas of the building, as well as a possible return to Kabul.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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