The American woman tried to kill boyfriend with a samurai sword because of his hair



Emily Xavier Washington charged with the attempted murder of her boyfriend, whom she tried to stab with a samurai sword. To take this step she decided once found on the phone of your boyfriend the Dating app Tinder, and in the shower — another woman’s hair, writes Buzzfeed.

The police asked the girl. On the phone she said that he hit the young man with the sword. When police arrived at the scene, Javier stood on the lawn of the house covered in blood. 29-year-old Alex Lovell was lying in the bedroom with multiple wounds. According to officers, the walls in the room were spattered with blood.

The girl explained that she suspected her boyfriend of treason — his phone was a Dating app, back scratches, and the shower was someone else’s red hair. Javier had planned the murder for several days. She bought a samurai sword, hid it, and when Lovell went to sleep, punched him several times.

The police reported that the victim is now in hospital. According to court documents, the girl planned to kill her boyfriend, and then myself. Currently she is in jail.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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