The network was amazed at the transformation of a fat guy in a sexy handsome


Photo: Reddit

A Reddit user with the nickname nyjdante boasted results of your weight loss. March 15 he posted the “before and after”, the transformation was so amazed visitors that after a few hours they took photos in the top of the resource.

To find a sports uniform, a young man took two years. “Before and after weight loss, February 2, 2016 and today,” he says in the comments to the photo.

For a matter of hours below the photo appeared a few thousand comments. Users admired the willpower of the young man and wished him further success.

“Turned from Jonah hill to Channing Tatum” — describes the transformation of the user SeriesOfAdjectives. “You are quite a handsome guy. Congratulate success!” rejoice for the hero photos caballera123. “Well done, my man. Continue to inspire others,” advises CallYourMoms.

Visitors to Reddit noticed that the “before” pictures a young man holding in his hand a burrito, and the picture “after” — a bottle of water. It made many a joke to think about the need to change food habits for the best result.

“Maybe I need to switch from the burrito to the water?” — asks PM_ME_UR_SEXY_THONG.

Hundreds of people are writing that they were happy for the young man who said goodbye to excess weight and seemed happier. “This is so great, and I’m so happy for you. It sincerely gives me to understand that you are enjoying your new life as a second chance; to live my way!!” concludes sweetLeche.

The hung in the top of Reddit for five hours, and collected more than three thousand comments. Later, the author of the publication without any explanation deleted the photo, however, entry without a photo, but with the comments preserved. The photo itself is available in the Internet archive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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