American shocked my wife horrifying photo from the wedding


Photo: Vincent Alexander page in Facebook

People in the U.S. named Vincent Alexander (Alexander Vincent) decided to play the bride Manda (Manda) at the wedding, but was told about the joke only after a year. It is reported by Mashable.

Shortly before the wedding photo shoot the man asked my brother to change into a frightening clown and get on with the bride and groom so that the bride doesn’t suspect anything. Alexander’s plan was a success: photographs of Manda smiled and did not suspect that a couple of meters from her is a terrible character.

Prancer decided to reveal the secret only for first wedding anniversary, after which gave his wife the picture and captured her reaction on video. Apparently, the girl was shocked by what he saw. “Oh my God, how did you do that?”, commented on Manda.

In March the victim of a prank has become a curious American, bought in a thrift store magazine with an intriguing caption “Surprise”. As it turned out later, the unknown on tape clip Rick Astley song Never gonna give you up. The link to this video intentionally sent to network users under the guise of any other to prank an unsuspecting victim.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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