Beer advertising is slang for a hint of white supremacy


Frame: Heineken

Brewing company Heineken has removed a new video after a barrage of criticism and accusations of racism, writes CNN Money.

In the video, the bartender notices in the distance a light-skinned girl is interested in someone else’s glass of beer. He decides to throw her through a long rack bottle light beer Heineken Light. Before getting into the hand of the girl, the bottle will pass a few black people. “Sometimes it’s easier better (Sometimes Lighter is better)”, — reads the slogan of the campaign, appearing in the final movie. The manufacturer indicates that beer contains only 99 calories. The phrase may also be translated as “Sometimes, lighter means better.”

At the beginning of 2018, the scandal caused the black boy, dressed in a hoodie with the inscription “the coolest monkey in the jungle” on the website of H&M. After that, the celebrities began to refuse to cooperate with the brand. In 2017 racism accused the brand Nivea, who proposed a lotion for skin lightening.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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