American lawyers disdained trump


Donald Truephoto: Leah Millis / Reuters

Several leading U.S. law firms refused to work with US President Donald trump about his possible relations with Russia. It is reported by CNN.

To protect the head of state was not given its consent five firms. The lawyers referred to several main reasons for this decision. In particular, trump is considered a rather difficult client and has repeatedly challenged the advice of their lawyers. Also the US President is quite unpopular, and the conduct of its business may damage the company’s reputation and scare away loyal customers, not attract new ones.

In addition, the company does not want a conflict of interest. As noted, many in Washington are known already hired lawyers involved in the case about trump’s ties with Russia, witnesses, suspects or companies. At the same time, two lawyers, rejecting the proposal, noted that “I consider it the highest honour to represent the President and I sincerely regret that I can’t do it.”

Attempts to hire new lawyers, it became known after the departure of John Dowda working with the head of state in the course of this investigation. At the moment trump protecting Ty Cobb and J. Sekulov that are not associated with law firms. Sekulow currently the only private attorney of the President. Cobb works in the White house as a special counsel in the case of relations with Russia. The trump receives legal advice from several trusted individuals, reports CNN.

The investigation attributed to Russia’s intervention in the American elections is a special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller. In March, he said that he was able to gather evidence of the attempts of the team trump to establish a channel of communication with the Kremlin. At the same time, the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress found no evidence of communication or interaction between the campaign of the Republican and Moscow.

Office Mueller February 16 published a list of Russians who, in the opinion of the American side involved in the interference in elections in the United States. Washington before has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the American elections, but the Russian side rejected all the charges.

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