“Insulting” Cosmopolitan will be removed from the eyes of Americans


Izobrajenie: Cosmopolitan

The network of U.S. Walmart stores will be removed from the offices of Cosmopolitan magazine because of the disrespect towards women. About it reports USA Today, citing a press release from the National center on sexual exploitation (NCOSE).

The staff of the center is not the first year fighting the spread of Cosmopolitan at the cash desks of hypermarkets. In their opinion, the publication is pornographic and offensive to women. A representative of a nonprofit organization Hayley Halverson (Halverson Haley) said that buyers no longer have to observe the “often obscene and derogatory content” while shopping.

Employees of a large retail chain stated that it will remove the magazines from the shelves above the conveyor belt in five thousand stores across the country, but a glossy publication can be found in isolated magazine racks.

“As occurs with all products in our shop, we continue to assess our product range and to make changes. Walmart will continue to offer Cosmopolitan customers who want to buy the magazine, but the magazine is no longer in the aisle between the banks,” — said the representative of the retail chain Meggan Kring (Meggan Kring). She added that the company executives primarily thinking about the business side of the issue, but they also listened to the representatives of the NCOSE.

Employees of the center have already managed to win in collisions with other U.S. stores. In 2015, thanks NCOSE two major retail chain Stores Hannaford and Food Lion also removed the magazines from the shelves above the cash and placed them on a separate rack under the opaque cover.

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