Poland will deploy U.S. missile defense system on the border with Russia


Photo: Issei Kato / Reuters

In Warsaw signed a contract for the supply of Poland in the American missile defence (BMD) Patriot. About it the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

From Poland the supply agreement was signed by the Minister of national defence Mariusz Blashak. It is expected that ABOUT the first Patriot will arrive in Poland in 2022, the party will include a 16 launchers, four radar stations and missile 208.

Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly stated that a new missile defense system plan to deploy near the border with Russia.

Agreement on the supply of Warsaw of the Patriot missile systems was signed in July 2017 during the visit to Poland of us President Donald trump. It was signed by the Ministry of national defence of Poland and the US defense Department.

Patriot American anti-missile complex, the armament of the American army and the armies of the allies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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