Revealed the cause of death of Gagarin


Yuri Gagarinite: RIA Novosti

The first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin crashed with an instructor Vladimir Seregin on the MiG-15UTI due to incorrect commands from the ground, reported TASS, a member of the flight sub-Commission, which was a big governmental Commission on investigation of causes of the disaster, doctor of technical Sciences Arseny Mironov.

According to Mironov, it is close to flight of Gagarin and Seregin performed the tasks of the MiG-15UTI pilot Andreev. The specialist said that the first MiG-15UTI was in a supercritical regime flight as a result of the evasive maneuver to avoid a sudden seen in the midst of the clouds of the second aircraft.

“At the request of Gagarin at 10:29:57 — “a job in the area of 20 finished. Ask permission for a course of 320 degrees” — the head of operations (or his assistant) immediately said —”Allowed” — apparently not watching threat convergence marks the objectives of the aircraft Seregina-Gagarin and Andreev on the radar screen. If the flight Director fulfilled his duties, he had looked at the radar screen, immediately to extend the “Allowed” just two words “Without reduction”. But the words “Without reduction” were not uttered. The result — catastrophe””, — said Mironov.

The expert says that the answer to the question about the causes of death of the first cosmonaut was able to find repeated reading of the fragments of the transcripts of the radio in the first edition, written down in a notebook. Mironov said that during the crash investigation failed to establish who was watching the radar at the time of the tragedy.

Gagarin died on March 27, 1968 while performing a training flight training in MiG-15UTI together with an instructor pilot Seregin. The plane crashed near the village of Novoselovo Kirzhach district of the Vladimir region. According to the official version, the pilots sharp maneuver led to the ingress of the aircraft in which the flight mode and stall (dramatic loss of lift force due to the incorrect wrapping of the wing air flow). The reasons which provoked such a maneuver, the Commission has not established.

According to the Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov submitted in 2017 in the book “Man and space”, the MiG-15UTI was in the vortex trail flying close to supersonic su-15. Leonov gave his word not to name the name of the pilot, who, in his version, led to the deaths of two pilots.

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