Russia has offered to stop dangerous toys at the border


Photo: Irina Gerashchenko / RIA Novosti

Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) offers Federal customs service to introduce a check packages with purchases from abroad in order to reveal their non-certified children’s products. About this newspaper “Kommersant”.

Now almost all children’s products in Russia are subject to mandatory certification, but the goods coming from abroad within the framework of cross-border trade requirements are necessary. According to AKIT, 90 percent of such products imported from China and often not even certified in their own country.

If children’s products will not be a security certificate, such parcel must be returned to the sender, I believe in AKITA. According to the publication, the proposals of the Association included the concept of countering trafficking of children’s goods in the market of the countries members of the Eurasian economic Union, implemented using the Internet.

Children’s products account for about 20 percent of delivered from abroad the trade, but most of them are not from China but from Europe, and the question of their quality is not as acute. “They are actively buying regions, the high demand for quality baby items we see, for example, in the Caucasus,”— said the management of international transport DPD in Russia Evgeny Privalov.

In his opinion, the introduction of certification of children’s products, acquired by Russians in foreign online stores will disappear the main advantage of ordering through the Internet can choose from unlimited range.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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