The owner of the restaurant ate a deer, the eyes of the outraged vegans


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In the canadian city of Toronto, province of Ontario, the owner of the restaurant cooked and ate the venison in the eyes of animal rights activists, who picketed the school to ban meat. This publication reports the Calgary Herald.

The owner of Antler Kitchen and Bar Michael hunter appeared in a showcase with raw deer leg, when the restaurant gathered activists. While they chanted “Hands Antler stained with blood” and waving a poster with the words “Murder”, hunter defiantly butchered meat. He then put the sliced venison in the pan and went to the kitchen.

Half an hour later the caterer came back with the finished steak and began to eat him in front of the protesters. “Obviously, we begin to bring him out of himself, as our presence in front of the school affects the business,” said animal advocate Frenzy Marnie (Marni Ugar), who organized the picket. She suggested that with the help of the reindeer feet the hunter tried to take revenge on them.

Defenders of animals for the fifth time staged a picket in front of Antler Kitchen and Bar. According to Groove, the place chosen for the protests because it is small, and its owner supports humane treatment of animals. Activists believe that from a small restaurant is easier to achieve results than McDonald’s or another large company. After one of the pickets hunter added to the menu vegan, but the protests continued.

In February it was reported that the French Grenoble unknown ransacked the restaurant La Boucherie, which specializiruetsya for cooking meat dishes. The attacker left on the walls of the institution inscriptions urging them not to eat meat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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