The UN has accused Russia and China in the war against human rights


Photo: Dmitry Lokaj / “Kommersant”

Russia and China are actively and increasingly successful struggle of human rights defenders. About it writes The Guardian, citing activists and diplomats at the United Nations (UN).

According to them, the two countries cut funding Committee for human rights and senior management team of the organization headed by the Secretary General. One of the main functions and objectives of human rights organizations — control over the observance of civil and political rights in the world.

“Russia, China and some other countries declared war on human rights, said Louis Carbone (Louis Charbonneau), a representative of the Human rights organization Human Rights Watch to the UN. — The mandate for the work of human rights gives the UN security Council, but then Russia and China go to lobby and withdraw it.” In the words of Carbonne, the rest of the country, in the words of recognizing human rights can’t fight back. “The question is whether we will allow them to win?” — he asks.

“The Chinese government is actively making efforts in order to avoid discussing human rights issues,” said one of the experts of the European Council on foreign relations. However, he notes that many countries like what Beijing offers. The source the Guardian added that China ranks second after the United States contributions to the UN

In March it was reported that Russia may withdraw from participation in the European Convention on human rights and to cease cooperation with the European court of human rights, “if the anti-Russian line of the court’s decisions will not be adjusted”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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