The user is clearly shown the life and death of the popular social networks


Image: hnerixh / Reddit

User under the name hnerixh released the timetable for the popularity of the most famous in the world of social networks, based on the number of queries in the Google search engine. He told about it on Reddit emigrate.

To compile the chart hnerixh used Google Trends, which shows the dynamics of the popularity of a particular term relative to the total volume of search queries worldwide. Apparently, the user in turn struck the names of all interested in social networking, and then combined the results on a common graph.

If you believe the image, the peak of the popularity of Facebook was at the end of 2012: the development of Mark Zuckerberg gained about 100 points on Google Trends — the highest level of popularity. However, by March 2018 the interest of users fell to just 30 units.

A similar situation happened with Twitter: users often sought microblogging service in early 2013. So on a scale of popularity it is several points behind Facebook, but in March of 2018 Twitter ahead of competitor search queries (47 points).

Looking at the chart, the best things are the WhatsApp messenger, which since 2010 continues to grow, occupying a leading place in the chart from Google Trends. The outsider became the social network MySpace: her rating was 0 points.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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