A dying British decided to have fun at your own funeral


David Gustto: David Hughes

A resident of the British city Queensboro, Kent, decided to have a lifetime memorial. This publication reports Kent Online.

In September 2017, a 61-year-old David Hughes (David Hughes) discovered a malignant tumor of the prostate. A month later, he learned that the cancer has reached the last stage and metastatic spread to bone. The British decided not to wait for death and have a memorial while alive, to the last time to see relatives, friends and colleagues not seen for many years. “Why pack when you’re dead?” he says.

Hughes was invited to a Wake of people who grew up on his street in 1960-e and 1970-e years, studied with him in school or ever worked with him. At the event they are waiting for the disco music of the 1970-ies and 1980-ies, a quiz with cash prizes, raffle and refreshments. The money collected will donate to research in the field of cancer.

In 2014, it was reported that according to an American society lady and philanthropist Mickey Easterling during the commemoration of her body in a designer gown and a feather boa seated on a bench with a glass of champagne in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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