Britain was scared of updating of the Russian “Dead hand”


Photo: Ministry of defense of Russia

The British newspaper the Daily Star told its readers about the modernization of the Soviet-time control system nuclear retaliation “Perimeter”, which the West calls the “Dead hand”. One of the world’s leading experts on nuclear disarmament Bruce Blair said in an interview that these weapons still exists and develops.

The specialist noted that the “Perimeter”, despite its “terrifying concept” that reduces the risk of nuclear war. “The existence of “Hand of death” means that the West always have to double think before you succumb to the temptation to launch a nuclear strike,” — said Blair.

He added that if the system is vulnerable to cyber attacks, it may become a threat to world security.

“Perimeter” was created as the last defense of the USSR in case of nuclear war. The main principle of its work is full automaticity. In the case of a massive attack, the system is able to make your own decision about a retaliatory strike. This concept is called immoral, but it is a guarantee that a potential enemy will waive the preemptive strike.

On March 1 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly spoke about a new weapon being developed in the country. “We are well aware of the fact that a number of States are working on the creation of prospective weapons based on new physical principles. There is every reason to believe that here we’re a step ahead, at least where most needed”, — said the head of state.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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