Created program to spy on WhatsApp users


Photo: Jon Nazca / Reuters

In the App store appeared Annex Chatwatch that allows any iPhone owner to monitor the WhatsApp users. It is reported by Lifehacker.

“Use Chatwatch to monitor the activity of your friends, relatives and subordinates,” reads the app description.

According to the developers who installed the program people will be able to see when their companion of the last times went to the app, even if the shut off function of the display status. In addition, the app will show what time the user usually goes to bed and wakes up.

Also, Chatwatch allows you to know, communicated between selected people from your contacts list. This app combines personal data from multiple users.

Using the software, the developers plan to draw attention to how parent company Facebook processes the personal data of visitors to social networks and messengers.

The app will cost 1.99 dollars. For this money, users get the opportunity to follow two specific contacts during the week. The developers say that all the money earned will go to support programs and funding of political non-profit organizations acting against Donald trump.

March 19, American journalists reported on the unprecedented data breach of 50 million users Facebook through an affiliated company, Cambridge Analytica. Among the information was a list of friends, preferences of registered persons and their telephone contacts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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