Looking for love gay recommended to be checked


Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters

The largest Dating service for gay and bisexual Grindr involved in the interface reminders to test for HIV infection, according to BuzzFeed.

The app offered users the ability to add profile information about their HIV status and date of last test. The service also recommends that you set the reminder date of analysis and offers the nearest clinic where such tests based on the data on locations of the user.

Thus, the administration Grindr hopes to influence the society, drawing attention to the need to carefully monitor their health.

The service also announced the launch of a free advertising sites for U.S. hospitals to test patients for infection. Staff hope it will help to stop the growth in the number of patients with HIV+ in the southern United States: the highest number of positive diagnoses have been black men from the southern States, then the statistics are Hispanics.

Grindr has already conducted a campaign for disseminating test kits for HIV among gay and bisexual men. However, the staff concluded that single events do not change the big picture. Introduction features in the app, in their opinion, will affect the situation.

The daily audience is over 3.5 million daily users. Dr. Jeffrey Klausner (Jeffrey Klausner) suggested that with changes in the ways of Dating people needs to change and strategies for disease prevention, because such reminders are necessary in applications to meet a partner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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