Nomadic teachers to teach in St. Petersburg


Frame: Yamal Region / YouTube

In St. Petersburg started the preparation of elementary school teachers for the nomadic Yamal schools, reports “Yamal-Region”.

While this is the only country in this group. It consists of 14 teachers of students. For four years they will be taught by a special program developed by 30 experts of the University. The classes themselves are held in the Institute of peoples of the North and Institute of childhood.

During the course, students will gain new knowledge about child psychology, Ethnology, anthropology, information technologies and history of their own language. Without this, teachers cannot work because they have to speak the language of their students, to know the nomadic way of life and rules of conduct.

Students will also have to look at the Russian language in new ways, to be able to teach it to children who don’t know him. “Grammar for those learning Russian as a foreign language or as a foreign, it is completely different, it’s a different look at a familiar phenomenon,” said Professor of language education of the child, the doctor of pedagogical Sciences Larisa Saveliev.

Many of the teachers already working in the specialty in educational institutions in the Yamal, Taz and the Ural areas. Some of them have expressed a desire to go to work even in a nomadic kindergarten.

At the end of 2017 at one of the schools-interatom Yamal district teachers began teaching the Nenets language for working with young children of nomads.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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