Owed half a million dollars American went to swim and disappeared


Photo: abc7.com

In the United States in the ocean are gone owes half a million dollars in child support realtor. According to the regional version of the portal to ABC News, the man went to ride on sapserv and disappeared.

52-year-old Theoharis Constantine (Constantine Theoharis) was last seen on March 20, leaving the house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, about half past six in the morning. He was carrying a blue sapserv and headed for ocean shores.

According to Chris Damian (Chris Damian), a cousin Theoharis, the man was in depression due to divorce and alimony, but “thought about suicide”. He suggests that the debts could force him to leave the country as soon he was punished for non-payment. Damian announced that his cousin had not made contact with family members on March 18. However, he assured that his brother was an experienced superheros and a good swimmer.

Missing brother Rick said that Constantine left behind a wallet, phone, keys and documents. “I hope that he had a heart attack and he drowned lately, he’s been through a lot”, he added, noting that Americans had to take care of old parents suffering from dementia. Missing uncle suggested that nephew could commit suicide, because, in addition subserve, he took the diving mask and weight belt for diving.

Theoharis have been divorced since 2008 and in that time owed more than 549 thousand dollars (about 31.6 million). The last time he paid his ex-wife in August 2014.

Standup paddleboarding are water sport in which the surfer stands on a Board and rowing with a paddle.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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