Russian journalist outwitted Ukrainian prankster Volnova


Eugene Volnutt: Evgeniy Volnov

The journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alexander Kotsu managed to expose another prank Eugene Volnov, who previously started the rumor about the hundreds of victims at a fire in the Kemerovo. He told about it on the newspaper’s website.

Kotz drew a fake picture on the Internet, the unnamed author of which offered to pay 12 million rubles for the capture of the Ukrainian prankera Eugene Volnov (real name — Nikita Kulikov). The note reported that the fire in the “Winter cherry”, the author lost his mother, wife and young son. Below, the man left the phone for communication.

Calling the number the reporter talked to the alleged victim of the fire. The sad voice on the wire was presented by Andrey and said that he received many calls with offers of help. None of the interviewees were not asked for monetary compensation, said Andrew.

After talking Kots decided to test the specified in the announcement of the phone by searching it on the Internet. It turned out that the phone belonged to one prankster, who repeatedly played the Moscow restaurant Daily Food.

Then the employee “Komsomolskaya Pravda” at the same number found the announcement of the recruitment for the non-existent “Drunken God”, and store “Fashion God”: such mockery of the Muslims often used Volnov.

Finally verify their guesses journalist helped specialized sites for freight, where the phone number was tied to the Ukrainian account with the name Eugene Volnov. These resources Prancer was listed as a contact person to haul refrigerated vegetables from the Town to Rostov-on-don.

Then Kots again called Prancer and began to investigate the conditions of capture the Volnova. A minute later an employee of the newspaper invited the interviewee to discuss the transportation of vegetables from Ukraine to Russia, and then “finished off” Joker phrase about the store “Fashion God”.

According to the journalist, who became a victim of his own prank Volnov I swore at the person and hung up.

Volnova is believed responsible for the spread of numerous rumors about the 300 killed in the fire in Kemerovo. Basmanny court of Moscow on March 28 in absentia arrested Prancer: he was accused of inciting hatred or enmity. The investigation announced in the international search.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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