Ukrainian police sent to Donbass the song Gazmanov


Oleg Gazmanova: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

Police in the Ukrainian city of Ternopil will be sent to the zone of military operations in the Donbass after they danced to the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Officers”. About it reports TV channel ZIK.

Song Gazmanov officially banned in Ternopil city Council, recalls the site of the channel. On YouTube on March 27, there was a record made, allegedly, in one of the local restaurants. Minute video shows how, under “Officers” a few dancing couples.

The chief of police in Ternopil region Alexander Mantis said that the arrangement ordered one of the visitors, the song was supposed to sound in the Ukrainian language, but played the Russian version.

“A really nasty case. People are sometimes mistaken. Employees who have participated in the ATO, not adequately out of the situation and did not resolve the conflict. The staff realized their mistake and 31 March, along with half the squad go for two months in the ATO area for duty”, — quotes the words of the ZIK Mantis.

He added that the police will conduct an internal review, “unethical behavior of employees.”

The city Council of Ternopil in may 2016 banned include public transportation, food service establishments and entertainment centers the music of Russian artists that “their actions pose a threat to national security of Ukraine”. The list includes, in addition to Gazmanov and Grigory Leps, Joseph Kobzon and Nikolay Rastorguev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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