Virus-extortionist WannaCry attacked a Boeing


Photo: Randall Hill / Reuters

American aircraft company Boeing has been attacked computer virus WannaCry. About this newspaper The Seattle Times.

The company noted that the important equipment used for the production of aircraft, was not injured. According to Boeing chief engineer Mike Vanderwel, there were fears that the virus can damage software on-Board computers, but they have been exaggerated.

In the end, the malware has affected a small number of systems. It is reported that the virus used for hacker attacks Boeing, was an updated version WannaCry.

WannaCry virus began to spread in may 2017. Unknown hackers have blocked information on computers and demanded a ransom of $ 300 to $ 600. The spread of the virus-the extortioner managed to stop accidentally a day later. According to experts, global cyber attack using a virus WannaCry caused damage of one billion dollars.

The President of company Microsoft brad Smith has suggested that the virus is the government of North Korea.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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