Washing powders was useless


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Established by the government organization Roskoshestvo conducted a study of the popular brands of powders and came to the conclusion that most are not designed to always stains, but can only refresh linen. The results of the analysis is in the possession “of the Tape.ru”.

In the study, specialists checked the washing powder for colored Laundry 31 brand. A large part of powders (22 marks) made in Russia, other brands from Germany, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, USA and South Korea. “Roskoshestvo not found a universal tool that would be ideal to cope with all kinds of stains without affecting the fabric”, the study says.

In Roskoshestvo made the top 10 most quality products, which could wash contaminants like blood and sweat. The list was headed by Russian powder “AIST” — he was recognized as the goods of high quality. The three leaders entered the German mark Burti COLOR (also recognized as the goods of high quality) and the Russian trademark “Biolan”.

The top ten powders Roskoshestvo included a brand of “Conventional powder” (Russia), BioMio (Denmark), Ecover (Belgium), Free time (Russia), Frosch (Germany), Reflect (Australia) and Sarma (Russia). Among powders it washes stubborn stains (red wine, ink, rust), experts called the German brand Meine Liebe, Sarma, BioMio, Cj Lion Beat the Drum (South Korea), Amway (USA) Burti COLOR and Persil (Russia).

As noted in the organization, according to test results of products with violations were found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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